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Results of the Arnold Rosé Vienna International Violin Competition
We are very happy to have met so many musicians. We wish you all the best and good luck!

Category A

1st Andrei Vaduva

2nd Christopher Djinov

3rd Anna Buda

3rd Yuan Tian

Márton Vörösváry, Wiener Klassik Prize

Teruki Ono, Special Jury Prize

Jelin Lee, Honourable Mention

Wu Dingging, Honourable Mention


Category B

1st Yuki Hirano

2nd Athanasios Kyparos

3rd Tatiani Kotanidou


Category C

1st Marie Cara Jung

2nd Kian Lee

3rd Yanheng Su

3rd Daniel Ackermann


Category D

1st Ma Tengying

2nd Lucas Jean Jung

2nd Agata Kostanowicz

2nd Felix Zeng

3rd Hyunsuk Ryu

Jinying Feng, Wiener Klassik Prize

Mao Yuming, Special Jury Prize

Jonathan He, Honourable Mention

Emma Scheinpflug, Honourable Mention

Aleksey Dzyuba, Honourable Mention


Category E
1st Not awarded
2nd Flora Liu
3rd Philolaos Doliesen  

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