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Winners of 4Seasons Vienna International Young Musician Competition-Summer`23

Prize ceremony and concert on 28th June 2023 at the Ehrbar Concert Hall Vienna

Strings Cat.A

Amanda Lee_4Seasons.jpg

Amanda Lee, violin
1st Prize

Alesia Elena Mihai_4Seasons.jpg

Alesia Elena Mihai, violin
2nd Prize

Eugenia Kristani_4Seasons.jpg

Eugenia Kristani, violin
3rd Prize

Anna-Maria Gypaki_4Seasons.jpg

Anna-Maria Gypaki, violin
Honorable Mention

Erin Wong_4Seasons_.jpg

Erin Wong, cello
Honorable Mention

Piano Cat.B

Chen Chen_4Seasons.jpg

Chen Chen, double bass
1st Prize & Grand Prize

Leander Hennes Resch_4 Seasons.jpg

Leander Hennes Resch
2nd Prize


Liliana Derkach, violin
3rd Prize

Grace Hong_4Seasons.jpg

Grace Hong, harp
Honorable Mention

Maria Kapala by Mateusz Kapala.jpg

Maria Kapala, violin
Honorable Mention

Meiyin Zhang_4Seasons.jpg

Meiyin Zhang, violin
Honorable Mention

Victoria Tosheva_4Seasons.jpg

Victoria Tosheva, violin
Honorable Mention

Piano Cat.C

Photo - Youran Wang_edited.jpg

Valentina Montesino, violin
1st Prize

Biliana Frąckowiak_4Seasons.jpg

Biliana Frąckowiak, violin
2nd Prize


Adam Huang, cello
3rd Prize

Victoria Tosheva_4Seasons.jpg

Cynthia Hu, violin
Honorable Mention

Piano Cat.D

4Seasons Vienna International Young Musician Competition Logo 2023 1_edited.png

not awarded
1st Prize

Antonio Ninov_4Seasons.jpeg

Antonio Ninov, violin
2nd Prize


Hannah Huang, cello
3rd Prize

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