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Winners of the 1st Vienna International Classic Strings Competition

Prize ceremony and concert on 28th June 2023 at the Ehrbar Concert Hall Vienna

Category A

Vienna International Classic STRINGS Competition & Festival Logo 2023_edited_edited.png

not awarded
1st Prize

Bo Teng_Classic Strings.jpg

Bo Teng, viola
2nd Prize

Min Hao_Classical Strings.jpg

Min Hao, double bass
3rd Prize


Michał Orlik, violin
The Special Jury Prize

Yuyang Shao_Classic Strings.jpg

Yuyang Shao, violin
Honorable Mention

Morning Doleon_Classic Strings.jpg

Morning Doleon, violin
Honorable Mention

Firangiz Abdullayeva_Classic Strings.jpg

Firangiz Abdullayeva,violin
Honorable Mention

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