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Winners of  1st Vienna International Classical Singing Competition

Winners' Gala Concert and Award Ceremony on May 28, 2023  at the Mozarthaus Vienna

maria ryu_vienna classical singing.jpg

Maria Ryu
1st Prize 

Vienna Classical Singing_Gaja Napast_edited.jpg

Gaja Napast
2nd Prize

vienna classical singing_Ana Beatriz Machado.jpg

Ana Beatriz Machado
3rd Prize

vienna classical singing_Iuliana Jalagonia_edited.jpg

Iuliana Jalagonia
3rd Prize

Seohyeon Lim_edited.jpg
Daniel F_edited_edited.jpg
Xiaoyu Liu_edited_edited.jpg
vienna classical singing_Lynn Feyereisen_edited.jpg
Angelica Maria Quaglia_edited.jpg
vienna classical singing_Ingrid Martine Vermeulen.jpg

Seohyeon Lim
Jury Special Prize

Daniel F. Azar
Honorable Mention 

Xiaoyu Liu
Honorable Mention

Laura Stella
Honorable Mention

Angelica Maria Quaglia
Honorable Mention 

Ingrid Martine Vermeulen
Honorable Mention 

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