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Winners of 4 Seasons Vienna International Musician Competition-Autumn`23

Winners' Gala Concert and Award Ceremony on October 14, 2023 in the Bösendorfer Hall at Mozarthaus Vienna

Piano Cat.A

4seasons musician Ha-young Noh.jpg

Ha-young Noh
1st Prize 

4Seasons Musician_Ingrid cusido Muntada_edited.jpg

Ingrid cusido Muntada
2nd Prize

4Seasons Musician_Márton Vörösváry_edited.jpg

Márton Vörösváry
3rd Prize

4Seasons Musician_Kristian Cvetkovic.jpg

Kristian Cvetkovic
Honorable Mention

Piano Cat.B

4Seasons Musician_Riccardo Ciurlanti.jpg

not awarded
1st Prize 

not awarded
2nd Prize

Riccardo Ciurlanti
3rd Prize

Piano Cat.C


Wanqi Huang
1st Prize

4Seasons Musician_Athanasios Tsiamitros.jpg

Athanasios Tsiamitros
2nd Prize

4Seasons Musician_Jan Sum.jpg

Jan Sum
3rd Prize

Piano Cat.D

4Seasons Musician_Brendan Li_edited.jpg

Brendan Li
1st Prize

4Seasons Musician_Anna Martirosian.jpg

Anna Martirosian
2nd Prize

4Seasons Musician_Nikola Gospodinov Tabakov.jpg

Gospodinov Tabakov

3rd Prize

Piano Cat.E

4Seasons Musician_Irene Gao_edited.jpg

Irene Gao
1st Prize

4Seasons Musician_Yiyi Cao.JPG

Yiyi Cao
2nd Prize

4Seasons Musician_Hector Rodrigo Lara Morales.jpg

Hector Rodrigo
Lara Morales

3rd Prize

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